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June 30, 2022

Visitor Management With Integrated Access Control Solution

For a Public Sector Law Enforcement Organization

Our client is a key constitutional organization responsible for law enforcement in the Republic of Kenya. It is responsible for Maintenance of law and order, Preservation of peace, Protection of life and property, Investigation of crimes, Collection of criminal intelligence, Prevention and deduction of crime, Apprehension of offenders and Enforcement of laws and regulations.

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Whilst the organization plays a critical role in ensuring national security, The use of manual visitor registration processes and gaps in access control and management at its head office left the organization open to critical security risks. A key risk was gap in positive identification of visitors accessing the its offices and management and control of the same. Other additional gaps are listed herein;

Operational Efficiency & Security Risks– The use of manual registration and recording of staff at entry points had operational efficiency gap and open security risks. Key risks included inability to flag blacklisted personnel accessing the organization’s premises and continued risks of data lost (Visitor data) or use of fake Identification documents. It was also difficult to limit access to authorised visitors and personnel

High Operating Costs – Manual processes added high administrative overheads. (eg. Visitor Books and monitoring personnel.

Visibility & Insights – Manual processes didn’t provide the organization with full visibility of who was on site at any given time.

Safety and Compliance – Poor Visibility on who was on site (Including what was accessing and exiting the its facilities) led to increased safety and compliance risks.

Data and Analytics – The organization could not fully leverage data and analytics from for business value. This was occasioned by the fact that a lot of records are still kept in manual forms



We proposed and implemented a digital visitors registration solution with Integration with Card Based access control
system . Key modules of the solution included;

  • A Visitor management module to automatically capture to record and control all visitors accessing the organization’s offices
  • An automated Access card dispensing system (an automated system that dispenses Visitors Access Cards
    (for use in access control system) as soon as a visitor is registered.
  •  Integration with Access Control for real time tracking of personnel on site.
  • A watch list module) to prevent access by blacklisted or unauthorized personnel.


This automation has simplified the client’s key security operations processes. It has provided an added advantage to the security team since they now have more time to focus on their key strategic roles of providing security and doing less administrative activities. The client has experienced additional benefits and value. Some of these include;

Operational Efficiency – Key Security operations are now much more efficient, cost-effective and have enhanced their business value.

Better Compliance – Automation of Key security processes has made compliance to key regulatory requirements and guidelines such as Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA), Private Security Regulations, Covid19 contact tracing, and Data Protection Act Much easier.

Risks Management – Statistics and data and automation of key processes such as watch lists management have reduced key security and operations risks.

Improved Customer Experience and Overall Organizational Image – The smooth and automated checkin processes have greatly enhanced the overall customer experience and the organization’s image. It is now commended for its innovativeness