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What Features Does the Platform Have?

SOJA is an innovative digital platform for registration and management of your visitors and staff.

How SOJA works #

A key part of a visitor management system is the ability to accurately capture visitors’ details as well as check in check out times. SOJA uses high speed ID scanning technology to instantly collect data and verify identification documents. SOJA is also integrated with automatic number plate recognition to collect license plates at the click of a button. When a visitor checks in, SOJA creates an entry which can either be recorded as a drive in or a walk in.

This entry serves as a record of the visitors’ details which include their identification document details, check in and check out times among other details. This entry at the same time appears on the dashboard when the visitor checks in.

Besides, you can create and view invites with the SOJA passport app. SOJA passport allows you to create prior appointments, send invite emails, alert your security team on your expected visitors and receive push notifications upon your visitors arrival making the check in process breezier in one simple step. Learn more about SOJA passport.

SOJA features #

SOJA not only collects and records visitors’ details but streamlines the entire front desk experience creating a hassle-free and efficient visitor registration and check in.

ID Verification #

SOJA is now integrated with Government databases. This allows our customers to verify and validate the identity of their visitors before granting them access to their facilities.

This service available as an add-on solution allows our customers to validate ID’s, passports, and driving licenses of over 200 million people in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

SMS check in option #

IN cases where your visitors dont have a valid identification document, their phone serves the purpose. SOJA has an integrated SMS check in option for visitors without valid IDs. This service leverages on One Time Passcodes to validate phone contracts and avoid erroneous records or fraud. Customers are required to purchase of SMS bundles and optional SMS Gateway account in order to use this service.

Visitors’ badges and slips

SOJA supports Brother Label Printers and Bluetooth MPT III thermal printers that can be optionally used to print visitor badges and slips.

Mobile biometrics #

SOJA app incorporates mobile biometrics . We leverage on Suprema and Idemia Biometric readers; some of the industry leading biometric technology providers. This product is suitable for clients who require enhanced security and assured proof of physical presence.

Smart selfie #

SOJA Facial recognition tools leveraging on smart selfie technology adds an additional service to our suite of identification options. This is a perfect solution for customers with remote attendance and identification requirements.

Residents check in #

SOJA has a residents check-in feature for fast check in for your employees and residents. You can supply your residents special car stickers or cost-effective special cards or tags. The inbuilt QR code scanner on the SOJA app accurately scans the tags to quickly check in your team.

This makes the management and control of residents efficient.

How to get started #
  1. To get started with SOJA, Request for your 14-day free trial here.

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