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6 Benefits of an Electronic Visitor Management System. Why you should ditch your log book today

The need to adopt new ways to tackle the ever-changing security enforcement and compliance dynamics is a constant headache to property and security managers.  There is need to provide fast and efficient access for residents, visitors (Including VIPs) while ensuring that there is adequate security within your premises

Daily, visitors, customers, employees and residents access numerous commercial, religious, educational and residential facilities.

Bad elements come along too.

There is a growing number of threats ranging from crimes such as burglary, robbery with violence, child molestation, kidnappings and terrorism. Others challenges include identity theft and impersonation.

Most likely, apart from your employees and residents, you don’t know who is in your facilities at any given time.

The Question is…

  • How can my organization make sense of the data and information it collects every day from visitors to provide better protect its assets, visitors and employees?
  • How can my organization stay ahead in an increasingly sophisticated and rapidly changing Security environment?

Introducing SOJA

SOJA is an Electronic Visitors and Residents Management Solution from Identigate that help solve some of these questions as well as leave a lasting impression for your visitors and residents.

Some reasons to consider SOJA include:

  1. Appearance: untidy paper visitor books look out of date and clumsy. A mobile application to replace your visitor book will leave a lasting impression with your visitors and customers.
  2. Safety: what would you do in case of emergency or a fire drill? Would you be able to accurately account for all the visitors at your location? Would you be able to contact them in an emergency and give them instructions on how to exit the facility? An electronic visitor management system allows you to instantly account for all visitors on site and contact them as a group of one by one.
  3. Security and Privacy – have you ever looked through a visitor book and seen all the names of other people visiting the location you are at? This can be sensitive information that should not be shared with other visitors in many cases. An electronic visitor management system allows you to keep your visitor information private and confidential.
  4. Compliance: Security regulations require property managers to keep accurate records of visitors and provide reports as necessary.  while keeping manual records is a form of compliance, data collected in log books is mostly inaccessible or inaccurate. Books are discarded  once full and difficult to Archive key information.
  5. Deterrence: Data on known criminals can be shared and referred to my visitor management systems. This empowers security operators to prevent criminal elements from accessing client facilities. Such information can also be shared with law enforcement.
  6. Efficiency: Visitors and residents management solutions go far beyond the basic functions of security. It helps help you deliver top quality customer service and enhance your operational efficiency.

If you are interested to learn more about the benefits of an electronic visitor management systems please contact the team at Identigate to arrange a demo or visit www.soja.co.ke for more information.